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Products for Clean Combustion

Cleaner Coal-CETALYST™️


CETALYST™ A - Catalyst

CETALYST™ A is an environmentally friendly and boiler safe catalyst designed to promote the oxidation of the carbon particulates that survives the combustion process. This carbon ends up contaminating the fly ash and is referred to as Loss on Ignition or LOI and is reported as a percentage of the fly ash. Disposal of carbon contaminated fly ash is costly as well as an environmental nightmare.

CETALYST™ B - Absorbent/Reactant

CETALYST™ B is an absorbent and reactant. It is a calcium-containing compound that forms porous, reactive cenospheres when added to the flue gas after the combustion process. These cenospheres react with or absorb SOx, NOx, mercury, and halogens effectively removing them from the flue gas stream.

CETALYST™ B pays for itself in two ways. First, it significantly reduces harmful emissions, NOx, SOx, mercury, and hydrogen chloride and second, it ends up in the fly ash which can be sold into the concrete industry.